Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Heihoo budiess. Sorry for not posting anything for almost 1 month,cause now i'm at science class so too much homework and i'll change my bad habits about studying,so i must study hard and getting a good score. If i don't do that, i'll not pass this science class. It's soo hard you know.Oke i know you're getting bored right now. So change topic. Yesterday i found my ancient photos at my bro rooms. Oh godd i never knew about it before. I'll show some of it. Sorry if thats blur. Cause it's 15 years ago.

Me and my older brother.

Me and my lovely mom.

Me,my bro and my grandma.

Me my bro and my hero,dad.

Me and my older bro !

My big broo !

That's all. I never tell about my older brother right? so that's my older bro he's 20 years old now. 
Oke must do my homework. So byee

Your sincerely

xoxo muach :*

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