Monday, 18 June 2012

Family ohh family !

Got you fellass !! I'm back. Last wednesday i'm having a little trip with all my brothers and sisters, we are having a party in a villa just for 2  days but thats wonderfull, very very wonderfull cause there's no parents that can get mad because of staying up until mid night watching euro. Actually i'm not interested with football so i'm just reading my novel at the balcon in the 2 floor and trying to counting the stars lols. I'm alone in the second floor so one of my brothers is trying to make a scary noise, at that time i'm feeling sooo afraid so i'm get move from the balcon to my bedroom but when i'm going to my bedroom there's my brother hiding at the stair. He's laughing at me loudly. Very good job man !! But that's my family, a happy family. Love you guys! :)
I can't wait for the next trip guys.
Gonna give you all one of my photos.



Jovani Octavia.
xoxo <3